Wednesday 30 March 2016

Bank Recon 4.6 is available

Bank Recon 4.6.1050.3285 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. Thank you to Shivkant for the development work.

New Features

  • There is a new user right applicable to the creation of balancing entries for manual reconciliations:

  • When the setting is off, then any balancing entry created may only be associated to a single GL account:


  • The Manual Recon group detail view bug has been fixed. Selecting "Group By" and manually deselecting columns no longer shows an error when viewing the underlying transactions. Using the "Clear all" function to achieve the same result works as usual
  • The Manual Recon dynamic view filter option bug involving the @Date parameter has been fixed
    • Only the equality / inequality operators are supported at this time
  • AutoRecons configured to run across accounts which also use Helper transactions now work correctly
    • This involves transferring the original cashbook transactions into the target account and creating any missing cashbook transactions in the target account using the helper transactions
  • On the Easy Recon rule screen, the "Other Match" editor now works correctly when using the Reference1 field and any of the Reference10-Reference19 fields
  • The Manual Recon profile list now displays correctly on IE9
  • SWIFT MT950 bank statements with country codes matching Zimbabwe (ZW) / Malawi (MW) now import correctly


  • Open Bank / Cashbook batches can be reordered using the DateCreated column to show earliest / latest entry first

  • Export to Excel functionality has been added to the following screens:
    • Cashbook allocations
    • Grouped Cashbook transactions (Manual Recon)
    • Grouped Bank transactions (Manual Recon)
  • Auto Reconciliation performance improvements have been made for Reconciliations performed across accounts involving transaction transfers.

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