Thursday 21 June 2012

Build 4.2.479.2038 is available

Version 4.2.479.2038 is available from the Twenty57 website

The Same-side Cashbook Helper Auto Recon rules which are often created as part of the Bank Details Helper Process were failing when run as part of a batch of rules. They were running when executed separately. 

This has been fixed and the rules now execute successfully as part of a batch of rules ran together.

Monday 4 June 2012

Bank Recon 4.2.468.2025 is available

A new version of Bank Recon is available from the Twenty57 website. Build 4.2.468.2025 contains the following:


  • ABSA ASCII bank statement enhancement to import statements with the same statement number and zero balances.
  • MT940 bank statement change to import based on Process Date.
  • Reconciliation Rule name field increased to 100 characters and remaining characters shown to user.
  • Save Tag tab renamed 'New Tag'.
  • Add a pop up message on Suggestions when the 'x' is clicked to inform the users what will happen.
  • Changed the Process Dashboard details message wording for bank statements imported out of sequence.
  • Added From and To Date parameters to the General Ledger Detailed Report.
  • New Reports: Current Reconciliation with Tag Type Summary Report, Historical Unmatched Transaction Details with Tag Info Report, Historical Current Reconciliation Report.
Please load the reports from the Reports UI Interface to see both the changes to the existing report and the new reports.

Bug Fixes:
  • Suggestion count delay in dashboard fixed.
  • Error message on tag screen when User's email is not found in AD fixed.
  • Disable Import button on Bank Statement import screen to prevent duplicate imports.