Monday 26 August 2019

Bank Recon v4.16.1176.3655 is available

Version 4.16.1176.3655 (26 August 2019)
- ZEN5029 - Dashboard - added additional information

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Bank Recon v4.16.1157.3612 is available

Version 4.16.1157.3612 (22 May 2019)
- Added DateTime data type for Cashbook and Bank Import key values

- ZEN4738 - Corrected spelling of Cashbook in process log (Running process with no cashbook import)

Monday 29 April 2019

Bank Recon 4.16.1155.3608 is now available

Version 4.16.1155.3608 (29 April 2019)
- GL Allocation splits - updated to apply Details field as per Journal Rule config
- Added a custom timeout configuration for Closing Cashbook Batch and Bank Batch ("Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data.CommandTimeout")

- Fixed issue where service users could not be saved due to blank password message when using windows authentication
- Fixed issue with administrator checkbox mapping to DB on Users page
- Fixed incorrect Manual Transactions count on User Reconciliation Activity Recon report
- Fixed Process Definition issue - Scheduling Intervals grayed out on page load for Interval configurations
- Added no lock conditions to some read queries
- Optimized query joins (Cashbook Load) - Manual Recon, Suggestions, Cashbook Batch, Cashbook Transaction Allocations
- Optimized query for DB locks (Cashbook Allocations) - Cashbook Import, Journal Rules Execution, Cashbook Transfers, Cashbook Batch Screen, Manual Recon Screen, Suggestion Screen, Cashbook Transaction Allocation Editor Screen

- This upgrade will require you to uninstall the previous version of Bank Recon and install this as a clean version. Config files in program files will need to be backed up and restored as a result. The new install should not impact the existing database, however a backup is recommended before the upgrade.

Thursday 7 March 2019

Bank Recon 4.16.1144.3584 is available

Version 4.16.1144.3584 (7 March 2019)
- GL Allocation splits - removed rule to enforce unique account numbers

- GL Accounts - added message to prevent user from disabling GL account if linked to an active journal rule
- Journal rules - updated config to not show accounts marked as inactive

Thursday 21 February 2019

Bank Recon 4.16.1141.3578 is available

Version 4.16.1141.3578 (21 February 2019)

- Added audit entry when cashbook transactions are deleted from the system
- Fixed bug on Current Reconciliation with Tag Type Summary Report and updated percentage fields to 2 decimal places

Friday 8 February 2019

Bank Recon 4.16.1137.3570 is available

Version 4.16.1137.3570 (8 February 2019)
- Added Bank Statement upload setting per Domain

- Fixed issue with Easy Rules where the Edit button would not work on the Other Match section
- Updated Process Definitions to show warning instead of error if there is an inactive Journal Rule assigned to the process definition
- Daily Process messages have been updated to provide more info

Bank Recon has been updated to support a bank statement upload folder per Domain or per Domain Group. From a configuration perspective, a folder specified at the Domain level will override the Domain Group default, and where no Domain level folder is specified, the system will use the Domain Group default directory.

The Daily Process configuration UI has been updated to indicate the default directory from the respective Domain/Domain Group config and the user will now be presented with the option to select either the default option or a custom upload directory.