Monday 29 April 2019

Bank Recon 4.16.1155.3608 is now available

Version 4.16.1155.3608 (29 April 2019)
- GL Allocation splits - updated to apply Details field as per Journal Rule config
- Added a custom timeout configuration for Closing Cashbook Batch and Bank Batch ("Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data.CommandTimeout")

- Fixed issue where service users could not be saved due to blank password message when using windows authentication
- Fixed issue with administrator checkbox mapping to DB on Users page
- Fixed incorrect Manual Transactions count on User Reconciliation Activity Recon report
- Fixed Process Definition issue - Scheduling Intervals grayed out on page load for Interval configurations
- Added no lock conditions to some read queries
- Optimized query joins (Cashbook Load) - Manual Recon, Suggestions, Cashbook Batch, Cashbook Transaction Allocations
- Optimized query for DB locks (Cashbook Allocations) - Cashbook Import, Journal Rules Execution, Cashbook Transfers, Cashbook Batch Screen, Manual Recon Screen, Suggestion Screen, Cashbook Transaction Allocation Editor Screen

- This upgrade will require you to uninstall the previous version of Bank Recon and install this as a clean version. Config files in program files will need to be backed up and restored as a result. The new install should not impact the existing database, however a backup is recommended before the upgrade.