Friday 20 May 2016

Bank Recon 4.7 is available

Bank Recon 4.7.1059.3321 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. Thank you to Shivkant for the development work.

New Features

  • Bank Recon now supports Chrome Browser
  • MT940 parser now imports a statement date using the last intermediate (62M) or final (62F) closing balance of the SWIFT message
  • SWIFTMT940/SWIFTMT950 parsers both populate Reference1 with the TransactionTypeIdentifier field and Reference2 with the AccountOwnerReference field


  • Recon rule preview now works correctly when using the Batch processing feature
  • The Recon rule description length has been increased to 300
  • The AutoRecon Batch processing mode now processes all matches of a batch instead of skipping the last one in the batch


  • Login page enhancements + autofocus on the username textbox
  • Display issue affecting the Bank Keys view from the Recon rule test feature has been resolved
  • The AutoRecon Batch processing mode no longer requires GetKeys commands for the left/right datasets


  • The Batch size used for the AutoRecon batch processing mode is now configurable (default: 1000)