Monday 12 November 2018

Bank Recon 4.16.1125.3545 is available

Version 4.16.1125.3545 (12 November 2018)
 - Improvements: Tags Screen
           o Error messages improved to be more meaningful and user friendly. and 
 - Fixed: Tag Screen

           o 'Save and Send Later' bug resolved.

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Bank Recon 4.16.1123.3540 is available

Version 4.16.1123.3540 (6 November 2018)
Improvements and Fixes
 - Tags Screen
           o Emails contents have been made consistent, and now include a link to navigate the user directly to the tag screen.
           o Additional validations have been included for the email address field.

Monday 17 September 2018

Bank Recon 4.16.1120.3533 is available

Version 4.16.1120.3533 (17 September 2018)
 - General Ledger Accounts search functionality and usability improved.
Installer now capable of putting windows authentication into config files if so selected on installation
           o This requires the underlying user and rights to be provisioned on the OS to work properly.
 - Standard Reports displayed incorrect % values when exported to Excel.
 - AD Authentication using users without email address no longer cause an error on the New Tag screen.

Thursday 28 June 2018

Bank Recon 4.16.1117.3525 is available

Version 4.16.1117.3525 (28 June 2018)
 - Changed deprecated database column types (Text, NText, Image) to appropriate supported types (varchar, nvarchar, varbinary)
 - Added 'Page Timeout' to 'Site Configuration' page (default value: 90 sec). This allows pages that take long to load, like when doing large volumes of group by queries on the manual recon screen to complete in the time set, before giving a timeout.

 - Long running open cashbook batches query tied to 'Command Timeout' value on 'Site Configuration' page to allow large volumes to load in the time set, before giving a timeout.