Thursday 6 November 2014

Bank Recon 4.2.949.3024 is available

A bumper release full of fixes and tweaks to existing functionality to make BR even easier to use as well as a couple of cool new features. Bank Recon 4.2.949.3024 can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. Thank you to Jai for all the development work!


  • MT940 parser enhancements - Statement check ensures the current statement is the next sequential statement, Multiple import supported, Parser strips out newline characters in the details fields, all characters in the 86 continuation record are not imported (split over Reference 3, 4 ( and 5 if needed)
  • BAI Report - Statement Date included in the statement correctness check to help prevent duplicate imports of accounts which always have a zero balance
  • Allow Remove Setting on the Batch Type is honoured when deleting a Cashbook Batch
  • Rollback of Bank Statements removes empty statements
  • Rollback Cashbook imports has been implemented. Only the last import per definition can be rolled back. This will delete the transactions from any tags, remove all reconciliations and delete all the transactions and batches created as part of the import
  • Prevent duplicate Cashbook import running. If there is a process already running for the selected import, the current one won't run
  • Manual Recon across accounts process has been enhanced. Instead of creating a balancing entry and reconciliation for every transaction that needs to be transferred in order to make the match, the transactions are bulked and one transaction and recon is made per account. Because Recons across accounts are now linked (since version 4.2.877.2832 from April 2014), you can still easily see what the details of the source transactions are. This has resulted in significant performance gains when reconciling many transactions across accounts
  • Additional information fields have been added to the user table (First Name, Surname, Email and Last Logged in DateTime). If you are using Windows Authentication the name and email values will be synced directly from your Active Directory. The Last Logged in DateTime is updated every time a user logs into Bank Recon
  • If there is a First Name value for the user, this will be displayed instead of the login name in the Welcome message
  • Suggest Configuration settings have been moved out of Site Config and are now accessible by Admins and Site Admins (and other users if they have the appropriate rights)
  • SMTP settings are now in the Site Configuration page and saved to the Database rather than in the web.config file. We first check in the Db, if  no smtp settings are found there, the web.config file is checked. If no smtp settings are found at all then user won't be able to email a tag. You need to be using Windows Authentication to send emails from tags
  • Included Cashbook Batch Type and Cashbook Transaction Type in the CashbookTransactionUnreconciledView for writing Recon Rules. Both these fields are available in the Easy and the Advanced Recon Rule Editor
  • Setup and Admin tables styling improved to distinguish between columns more clearly


  • Test Import Definitions with >/>= and a Date value now works. Remember, BR always adds on 1 day to the last key value for a Date type when running the process so make sure you don't miss any transactions if you use these operators with a Date Value
  • Errors when trying to email a tag have been fixed
  • Better error messages are shown when manually reconciling transactions and the Balancing Entry and Transfer Transactions Domain Settings have not been configured. 
  • The schedule user now has all the necessary rights to import and reconcile data
  • Expanded menu items are not closed when the Dashboard automatically refreshes
  • Test Oracle import definitions now working correctly. You need to add the following settings to your config files
    • appSettings section of the web.config file: <add key="OracleImporterURL" value="tcp://localhost:8087/OracleImporter" /> 
    • services section of the ProcessService.exe.config file: <wellknown type="Twenty57.BankRecon.API.OracleImporterProxy, Twenty57.BankRecon.API" mode="SingleCall" objectUri="OracleImporter" />
  • The Framework version check is working correctly on the install. If you don't have .net Framework 4 installed, you won't be able to install Bank Recon

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Bank Reconciliation 4.2.917.2930 is available

It can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website.

Release Notes:
  • If a bank statement belongs in an accounting period that has closed, it will be created in the next open period instead of failing
    • It is best practice to ensure all transactions for a period have been imported before closing the period but you won't be punished if it happens
  • Work has been done to ensure BankRecon works correctly with different Server Date and Number formats
  • Install won't fail if the Reports cannot be inserted into the Database. This usually happens when the database was not selected as part of a clean install

Monday 21 July 2014

Bank Recon 4.2.910.2909 is available

Bank Recon 4.2.910.2909 can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. It contains the following features and fixes.

  • Update the SWIFT MT940 parser for slightly different file formats
  • Bug Fix: Ensure the correct GL Account is shown when viewing the Cashbook Transaction Allocation
  • Bug Fix: Search across Accounts and Group By on the Manual Recon Screen
  • Bug Fix: Search across accounts on the Bank Transaction Screen
  • Performance issues when Manually Reconciling across accounts have been addressed

Friday 27 June 2014

Bank Recon 4.2.902.2893 is available

Bank Recon 4.2.902.2893 is available and can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. It contains the following features and fixes

  • When a new statement type is imported into an existing account we don't verify the batch number for the first statement, only the balances and statement date
    • This is applicable when you change banks or your bank provides you with a different format
  • Changes to the BAI parser to support a different time format, additional fields in the Group Header row, commas in the text field in an 88 continuation record and files which only contain a Closing Balance, no Opening Balance
  • Bug preventing the Suggest Process from running
  • Bank Details Import Definition Test functionality now works when the query includes a Temp Table
  • Easy Rules Group By working when there is filter on a field not included in the Group By clause
A big thank you to Jai for the development work

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Bank Recon 4.2.877.2832 is available

It can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website.

New Features: 
  • Bank Recon now links reconciliations made across accounts. When you view the reconciliation in the one account we tell you it is a Recon across accounts and show you the details of the other recon/s made. If you remove one leg, we automatically remove the others. You still need to manually delete any balancing entries created as part of the reconciliation 

  • FNB PACS import includes the transaction code in Reference 7
  • Choose whether or not to install the standard reports by selecting the Reporting option on the msi. We'll still create the reports in the install folder in both instances (so you have them for reference if needed) but we'll only insert them in the Database if you choose the Reporting option as part of the install
    • Please note that due to changes made on the previous version, the standard reports will be added to your database at least once, even if you deselect the report option from the install. You can delete them from the Reports Screen if needed. They won't be created again in subsequent upgrades if you don't select them as part of the install
  • For now all automated linking between bank transactions and helper transactions has been stopped. We've also hidden the new manual recon screen. We haven't forgotten about the helper data, we've decided to go back to the drawing board to find a better solution.