Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bank Recon 4.2.949.3024 is available

A bumper release full of fixes and tweaks to existing functionality to make BR even easier to use as well as a couple of cool new features. Bank Recon 4.2.949.3024 can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. Thank you to Jai for all the development work!


  • MT940 parser enhancements - Statement check ensures the current statement is the next sequential statement, Multiple import supported, Parser strips out newline characters in the details fields, all characters in the 86 continuation record are not imported (split over Reference 3, 4 ( and 5 if needed)
  • BAI Report - Statement Date included in the statement correctness check to help prevent duplicate imports of accounts which always have a zero balance
  • Allow Remove Setting on the Batch Type is honoured when deleting a Cashbook Batch
  • Rollback of Bank Statements removes empty statements
  • Rollback Cashbook imports has been implemented. Only the last import per definition can be rolled back. This will delete the transactions from any tags, remove all reconciliations and delete all the transactions and batches created as part of the import
  • Prevent duplicate Cashbook import running. If there is a process already running for the selected import, the current one won't run
  • Manual Recon across accounts process has been enhanced. Instead of creating a balancing entry and reconciliation for every transaction that needs to be transferred in order to make the match, the transactions are bulked and one transaction and recon is made per account. Because Recons across accounts are now linked (since version 4.2.877.2832 from April 2014), you can still easily see what the details of the source transactions are. This has resulted in significant performance gains when reconciling many transactions across accounts
  • Additional information fields have been added to the user table (First Name, Surname, Email and Last Logged in DateTime). If you are using Windows Authentication the name and email values will be synced directly from your Active Directory. The Last Logged in DateTime is updated every time a user logs into Bank Recon
  • If there is a First Name value for the user, this will be displayed instead of the login name in the Welcome message
  • Suggest Configuration settings have been moved out of Site Config and are now accessible by Admins and Site Admins (and other users if they have the appropriate rights)
  • SMTP settings are now in the Site Configuration page and saved to the Database rather than in the web.config file. We first check in the Db, if  no smtp settings are found there, the web.config file is checked. If no smtp settings are found at all then user won't be able to email a tag. You need to be using Windows Authentication to send emails from tags
  • Included Cashbook Batch Type and Cashbook Transaction Type in the CashbookTransactionUnreconciledView for writing Recon Rules. Both these fields are available in the Easy and the Advanced Recon Rule Editor
  • Setup and Admin tables styling improved to distinguish between columns more clearly


  • Test Import Definitions with >/>= and a Date value now works. Remember, BR always adds on 1 day to the last key value for a Date type when running the process so make sure you don't miss any transactions if you use these operators with a Date Value
  • Errors when trying to email a tag have been fixed
  • Better error messages are shown when manually reconciling transactions and the Balancing Entry and Transfer Transactions Domain Settings have not been configured. 
  • The schedule user now has all the necessary rights to import and reconcile data
  • Expanded menu items are not closed when the Dashboard automatically refreshes
  • Test Oracle import definitions now working correctly. You need to add the following settings to your config files
    • appSettings section of the web.config file: <add key="OracleImporterURL" value="tcp://localhost:8087/OracleImporter" /> 
    • services section of the ProcessService.exe.config file: <wellknown type="Twenty57.BankRecon.API.OracleImporterProxy, Twenty57.BankRecon.API" mode="SingleCall" objectUri="OracleImporter" />
  • The Framework version check is working correctly on the install. If you don't have .net Framework 4 installed, you won't be able to install Bank Recon

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bank Reconciliation 4.2.917.2930 is available

It can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website.

Release Notes:
  • If a bank statement belongs in an accounting period that has closed, it will be created in the next open period instead of failing
    • It is best practice to ensure all transactions for a period have been imported before closing the period but you won't be punished if it happens
  • Work has been done to ensure BankRecon works correctly with different Server Date and Number formats
  • Install won't fail if the Reports cannot be inserted into the Database. This usually happens when the database was not selected as part of a clean install

Monday, 21 July 2014

Bank Recon 4.2.910.2909 is available

Bank Recon 4.2.910.2909 can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. It contains the following features and fixes.

  • Update the SWIFT MT940 parser for slightly different file formats
  • Bug Fix: Ensure the correct GL Account is shown when viewing the Cashbook Transaction Allocation
  • Bug Fix: Search across Accounts and Group By on the Manual Recon Screen
  • Bug Fix: Search across accounts on the Bank Transaction Screen
  • Performance issues when Manually Reconciling across accounts have been addressed

Friday, 27 June 2014

Bank Recon 4.2.902.2893 is available

Bank Recon 4.2.902.2893 is available and can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website. It contains the following features and fixes

  • When a new statement type is imported into an existing account we don't verify the batch number for the first statement, only the balances and statement date
    • This is applicable when you change banks or your bank provides you with a different format
  • Changes to the BAI parser to support a different time format, additional fields in the Group Header row, commas in the text field in an 88 continuation record and files which only contain a Closing Balance, no Opening Balance
  • Bug preventing the Suggest Process from running
  • Bank Details Import Definition Test functionality now works when the query includes a Temp Table
  • Easy Rules Group By working when there is filter on a field not included in the Group By clause
A big thank you to Jai for the development work

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bank Recon 4.2.877.2832 is available

It can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website.

New Features: 
  • Bank Recon now links reconciliations made across accounts. When you view the reconciliation in the one account we tell you it is a Recon across accounts and show you the details of the other recon/s made. If you remove one leg, we automatically remove the others. You still need to manually delete any balancing entries created as part of the reconciliation 

  • FNB PACS import includes the transaction code in Reference 7
  • Choose whether or not to install the standard reports by selecting the Reporting option on the msi. We'll still create the reports in the install folder in both instances (so you have them for reference if needed) but we'll only insert them in the Database if you choose the Reporting option as part of the install
    • Please note that due to changes made on the previous version, the standard reports will be added to your database at least once, even if you deselect the report option from the install. You can delete them from the Reports Screen if needed. They won't be created again in subsequent upgrades if you don't select them as part of the install
  • For now all automated linking between bank transactions and helper transactions has been stopped. We've also hidden the new manual recon screen. We haven't forgotten about the helper data, we've decided to go back to the drawing board to find a better solution.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bank Recon 4.2.770.2619 is available

We've listened to your feedback and made changes to the new Helper Process and Manual Recon Screen. We've also made sure that the standard reports will reflect all transactional data correctly. Thank you to everyone who tried out the screen and provided suggestions. We are certainly not done, there is more we will continue to add and improve but this release will allow you to take your Bank Details reconciliations even further. Please keep on sending your comments and suggestions to me.

Bank Recon 4.2.770.2619 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. Please note the following if you have installed and are using version  4.2.715.2505.

  • You will need to re-index your database (Setup>Index Management and click the Run button)
  • We have changed the way the linking works so if you have existing linked Parent and Bank Details Transactions PLEASE contact me so I can help you make sure all transaction links are correct and will be reported on accurately
If this is the first version with the new Manual Recon screen you are installing you will need to index your database. Set up the index path on the Site Configuration Page (Setup>Site Configuration>General) and the Run the Index process from Setup>Index Management.

Other features and fixes
  • A web service method has been added to import the Bank Details file supported by Bank Recon. The method name is BankDetailsSingleFileImport and the parameters are Username, Password, DomainId and FileContent. It works in a similar way to the Bank Statement web service method already included in Bank Recon
  • Suggest Error: Cannot access a closed screen has been fixed
  • Better error message when the Network User specified is not valid and you try to import Bank Statements
We have redesigned the helper process to make it easier for you to still use the linked parent records on the Old style manual recon screen.

Changes to the Helper Process
  • Linked Bank Transactions will be available on the old screen but not the new screen. If any of the linked details are reconciled it will be greyed out (you won't be able to match it). Once all the helper details are reconciled it will disappear off the old screen
  • Better Linking between Bank Details and Parent Bank Transactions. The link is saved to a ReconHelperLink table. The Parent Bank Transaction is not reconciled
  • You can still manually reconcile the parent transaction like you always have. Once the parent bank transaction is reconciled, the helper data will be removed from the new screen
  • There is no helper data available on the old screen
  • Write your advanced Recon Rules using the views specified in the Rule Design pop-up. These have been written to ensure you get the right transactions for all type of rules. And remember that you can use the Easy rules to do most types of rules these days, including rules with Grouping and complex Regex expressions
Reporting Changes 
  • 11 of the Standard Reports have been updated. We identified the ones that seem to be used most often. If you use a report shipped with Bank Recon and we haven't updated it, let me know and we will do so
  • All our updated Reports are appended with (Standard) in the name to clearly identify them so they won't overwrite the current standard reports, in case you have tweaked them but not changed the name
  • They are automatically inserted into Bank Recon when you install the build. This will be the practise going forward when we update a report so make sure that your custom reports DO NOT have the same name as the Standard Reports
  • Where applicable the Reports have been updated to show the split between Bank Transactions and the Bank Details
  • Linked Parent Bank Details transactions are NEVER included in the Reports and Views. We will always report on the details where a link exists even if you reconcile the parent record
  • Reports have also been upgraded to Report Viewer 2012. You do not need SQL 2012 installed to use the Report Viewer. You will need to download and install the Redistributable to view the reports
    • Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 runtime is required (
    • Update your web.config file to reference Report Viewer 11 instead of 9.
      • In the HttpHandlers section replace the existing Report Viewer attribute with this one:
        • <add path="Reserved.ReportViewerWebControl.axd" verb="*" type="Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.HttpHandler, Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91" validate="false"/>
    • Include the following attribute in the system.web section of your web.config file to ensure that Reports export correctly
      • <trust legacyCasModel="true" level="Full"/>
  • Reports can be designed in Visual Studio 2010, 2012 or using the stand-alone report builder 3 tool. Existing 2005 reports and report projects can be upgraded to a later version 
  • Remove your already loaded standard reports. The old ones will no longer work correctly. Report Viewer 2012 is not backwards compatible with 2005 rdl's. It is compatible with 2008, 2010 and 2012 rdl's
  • We have included the following Standard Views to Help you with your Custom Reporting. Update all your existing Custom Reports to use these views as well as to Report Viewer 2012. Please use these views for all future Reports. If you need help with converting your reports please let me know and we will assist you
    • Reporting_CashbookTransactionViewStandard
    • Reporting_BankAndBankDetailsTransactionViewStandard
    • Reporting_BankTransactionViewStandard
    • Reporting_BankDetailsViewStandard

A big thank you to Jai for all the time and effort he has invested in the development of Bank Recon.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The wait is over: Bank Recon 4.2.715.2505 is available

I am very excited to present the first release of the redesigned Manual Recon screen and Helper Data process. BankRecon 4.2.715.2505 is available for download from the Twenty57 website.

It has been a long time in the making but it is worth it. Please download and install it and give me your feedback on the process and the screen. There are still some improvements we have in mind, and I want to implement your suggestions as well. A big thank you to all the contributors, developers and designers who were part of this journey.

There are 2 features in this build not to do with Helper Data and the Manual Recon Screen:
  • The GL account number is now shown along side the GL Account Name on the Balancing Entry and Cashbook Allocation screens
  • Bug Fix - Bank Statements were being created in future periods if they existed for the account

New Manual Recon Screen and Helper Data Process Overview

There are 2 videos included in this post to help you get started, one on using the new screen and the other on setting up your Bank Details Import Definitions and Auto Reconciliation Rules to match the Helper Data.

  • The Parent Bank Detail record (contra from the file submitted to the bank) is automatically linked to a Bank Transaction where the transactions are in the same account, have the same amount and are within 5 days of each other. We only make the link if we can find a unique match and users can break links made in error. There is no way to stop the linking from happening
  • Once the link has been made the helper details will appear on the New Manual Recon screen where the users can include them in Manual Matches. The linked Bank Transaction is no longer available to use in recons. You can also set up Auto Recon rules to match these transactions off automatically. The benefit of this new process is that you can do 1-1 matches of the bank details information, rather than the cumbersome many-1 matches required up to now
  • We are making use of Lucene Search (similar to Google) instead of filters on the New Manual Recon screen so once this version is installed you will need to index your existing transactions. Depending on the size of your Database this could take anything from a few minutes to a few hours. I recommend running the index process overnight to minimise the impact on users. You can still use Bank Recon while the indexing is running, you just won't be able to Search on the New Manual Recon Screen
  • New transactions are automatically indexed when imported and the index is updated whenever a match is made or broken

Setting up the Indexing

  1. Run the msi
  2. Open Bank Recon and navigate to Setup>Site Configuration>General Settings (You need to be a Site Admin to see this menu item)
  3. There is a new Setting Index Path. Specify the folder you want to save the index files to. Ensure the Bank Recon Network User and Service Account User have access to this folder

  4. Navigate to Setup>Index Management and click Run

  5. Bank Recon will index all existing transactions. You can monitor the process through the Dashboard, viewing the Process Log (Admin>Process Log) and by checking the count of transactions in the IndexUpdateQueue Table. Once complete the count will be zero
  6. You can use this same process if you ever need to re-index your database. Every time the index process is run, the existing indexes are deleted and the entire database is re-indexed

Change to the Bank Details Import Definition

  • There is a new required field, Account Number. If you have existing definitions please add the account number to them so we can link the helper bank details to the parent bank transactions in the correct accounts. It uses the Cashbook Transaction Account map to map to the correct account

Setting up Recon Rules

  • There is an Inactive Easy rule set up on all Domains to help you get started. It gives an example of matching the Bank Details to the Cashbook Transactions using Group By
  • You should be able to make use of the Easy Rule Interface for most of your rules but you can still use the Advanced interface if you want to. There are three views provided to use in the rules. You will find details of them in the help links on the Add/Edit Advanced Rule screen
  • If the data hasn't been linked, it can still be matched using the old style helper rules

The New Manual Recon Screen

  • Users are navigated to this screen by clicking on the Unreconciled Counts for any account on the Dashboard, or by navigating to Reconciliation>New Manual Reconciliation Screen
  • The Old style screen is still part of this build. We will remove it in a future release once we are sure that we have ironed out all the issues in the new screen
  • Column Headings are pulled from the Cashbook Transaction Aliases on the Account Setup page
  • Linked Bank Transactions will not be available in either screen
  • Linked Bank Details are only available in the New screen
  • This screen is one long list of all transactions; Bank, Cashbook and Bank Details all mixed in with each other
  • View more transactions by scrolling down the page or find particular transactions by using the Search box at the top right
  • You can Group By, Include Matched Items and Search across accounts
  • You can still Load and Save profiles and create Balancing entries when you match transactions
  • You can order your transactions by clicking on the column heading

Future enhancements

  • The user can manually make links between Helper Details and Bank Transactions that we have missed
  • Provide a way to enrich the linking experience through the use of keywords