Tuesday 10 February 2015

Bank Recon version 4.2.963.3056 is available

It can be downloaded from the Twenty57 website.


  • New PNB Paribas statement parser. It will accept the csv format
  • Changes to MT940 statement to apply a less strict statement number check. It will import a statement with a greater than number, not just the next sequential number
  • Ensure that the MT940 statement number reset in a new year works when statements are not generated daily. Any statement numbered 1,2 or 3 will be accepted
  • Remove a binary null character if present in a CATS Statement to prevent any errors in viewing the transactions on the UI
  • Automatically create the next accounting period if the expected accounting period for a bank statement is closed. eg. the statement Date is December, but the December period is closed. January will be created and the batch created in it
  • New column on Account table: Bank Account Currency. Allows null and accepts any text value up to 50 characters long
  • Email Tags can now be used with Forms Authentication. There needs to be a valid email address specified for the user sending the tag. Email is now an additional field on the user table
  • Explanations for some of the Site Config General Settings
  • Ensure General Ledger Export rights are persisted correctly to the Database when assigned to a User Group
  • Ensure the correct accounting period is used when a bank statement contains a backdated transaction and there are multiple open periods
  • Test Cashbook Import Definition now works when the query has an inner select statement
Thank you to Jai, Shivkant  and Ashish for the dev work!