Thursday 22 November 2012

Version 4.2.594.2229 is available

Bank Recon 4.2.594.2229 is available for download from the Twenty57 website.

It contains a fix for the Transaction Details link on the Manual Recon screen when you group transactions which was not working.

It feels like there have been a flurry of releases lately with bug fixes, most of them small. While I don't like bugs creeping into our software, the fact they are being discovered means people are using Bank Recon and upgrading regularly which is great to see! These are all bugs introduced because we have been busy improving existing functionality (sometimes big changes, sometimes small tweaks) to make your daily experience better. Thank you for sticking along with us and for your patience with the bugs. I hope we are meeting your expectations in fixing them quickly, and of course we are doing our best to keep all gremlins out of the system!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Bank Recon 4.2.590.2222 is available

One fix is included in this build. It will affect you if you are installing Bank Recon on Windows Server 2008.

We perform dependency checks as part of the upgraded install. The MSDTC check on Server 2008 was failing in some instances. This build addresses that. Please download version 4.2.590.2222 from the Twenty57 website.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Bank Recon 4.2.588.2218 is available

Bank Recon 4.2.588.2218 is available for download from the Twenty57 website.

It contains a critical bug fix if you have any Auto Recon Rules with 'Run across Accounts' active and no account id specified in the sort order or match definition of your rule and are running version 4.2.446.1978 (released 22 March 2012) or later. Manual Recon across accounts and Transfers (auto and manual) are not affected. Normal rules which match within an account are also not affected.

The rules were not creating the cashbook balancing entries needed to keep the accounts balanced. The different recons per account and the transfer batches were being created. If you think you may have been affected please contact me so I can help you sort out any incomplete recons which may have been made and provide upgrade support if necessary.

This build also contains some memory usage improvements around the Suggest process.

We are now redesigning the Manual Recon screen and Helper Data process to make it easier to use the details imported in reconciliations. This will be the next major release of Bank Recon, I will provide time frames on the Road Map soon.