Tuesday 2 February 2016

Bank Recon 4.5.1039.3252 is available

Bank Recon 4.5.1039.3252 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. A big thank you to Ashish, Jai and Shivkant for the development work.

  • Import definitions
    • BankRecon can now import transactions from Oracle stored procedures
      • Entering the name of a configured stored procedure will return a parameter list
      • One of the parameters must be selected as the Key value as per regular imports
  • Tagging across accounts
    • Tagging across accounts is now supported to complement searching across accounts
    • In the case that transactions have been tagged from multiple accounts, the account name is added to transaction grid to disambiguate the source
    • Tagged cashbook and bank transactions will open in the account in which they were tagged
  • Public Recon profiles
    • Manual recon profiles can be published to all users on the same account as a public profile
    • Public profiles will appear in other users' Current Profile dropdowns who have access to the same account
    • Any profile can be shown in / hidden from the 'Current Profile' list using the 'Manage Profiles' screen
    • Only the creator of a public profile may edit/delete that profile
  • Export to excel
    • Cashbook and Bank transaction exports now produce Excel (xlsx) files in addition to csv files
    • Reconciliations can now be exported in a single Excel workbook with 3 sheets:
      • Details: Shows the Reconciliation details (ID, Account, Accounting Period, User, Description)
      • Cashbook: Contains the reconciled cashbook transactions
      • Bank: Contains the reconciled bank transactions
      • When exporting reconciliations as a csv file, the 3 datasets are zipped into a single archive
  • Accounting Periods
    • There is a new setting on the Account maintenance screen to allow/deny closing an accounting period prior to the period's end date
  • Adjust Opening Balance
    • Accounting Period opening and closing balances for the Cashbook and Bank are shown
    • A help dialog has been added to explain the functionality
    • The earliest available Bank opening balance is displayed to illustrate the procedure and updating the bank opening balance now correctly propagates to all subsequent periods
  • Manual Recon screen
    • When grouping bank transactions, the filter is now applied to the underlying transactions and not the resulting group
  • Reports
    • Parameterless reports now display correctly in the browser
  • Generic CSV importer
    • The Generic CSV importer no longer attempts to validate the statement number when selected as part of a multiple file import since it does not use the statement number
    • Errors returned by the parser include the transaction number relative to the uploaded file and useful information on how to resolve any errors

  • Classic Recon rules
    • The classic Recon rule editor now supports a batch processing mode, which improves performance by executing the GetKeysCommands for a batch of matches instead of one-by-one processing
    • An example is available in the application to illustrate the procedure and changes required to the Recon rule
  • Auto Recon rule performance logging
    • In Site Configuration, there is a new setting, "AutoRule Log Enabled"
    • When checked, the consolidated duration of the left and right side queries of Recon rules are logged in the 'ReconRuleAuditLog' table, so that any poorly performing queries can be identified

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