Friday 6 November 2015

Bank Recon 4.4.1019.3187 is available

Bank Recon 4.4.1019.3187 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. A big thank you to Ashish, Jai and Shivkant for the development work.

  • Process Queuing has been implemented. This will ensure only one process log item runs at a time, minimising concurrent calls to the database
    • The process items will execute in the order they have been kicked off 
    • An item will remain in pending state until it is first in the queue
  • Speed improvements to the Cashbook Import process
  • Bank Statement support for a number of Zimbabwean banks. See the help site for a complete list
  • You can now sort the transactions in the Matched section of the Manual Recon screen
    • The sorting is independent of the transactions list and you can only sort on one column at a time
    • The sort order is saved to profiles
  • Bank Recon now installs on Windows 10/IIS 11 successfully
  • Better error messages and an easier to read error pop-up if something goes wrong during the install
  • All errors are written to the log file and the log file can be opened from the msi directly in the case of install failure
  • You can read more on the msi logging functionality here
  • Swift parser now handles a file padded with spaces to make it fixed length
  • Process Log message time stamp is now saved in 24-hour format
  • The release notes have been moved to a page (Release Notes) in this blog. The Release notes link under the Help Menu will direct you to this page
  • Test Oracle Import definition now works correctly when the KeyValue type is Date
  • Ensure Across account recons don't cause table locking issues
  • Ensure the SMTP password isn't overwritten with no value every time you Save the Site Configuration settings
  • Ensure the SMTP password value is stored encrypted in the database. PLEASE NOTE:  This change requires us to clear any existing SMTP password value out of the database. If you have added SMTP settings to Bank Recon please update the password again after installing this version

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