Thursday 6 October 2011

Which webservices do you use?

Which of the Bank Recon webservices currently offered do you use? We are planning a revamp of the existing webservices to provide better interfaces for exception management and integration with different systems. A full list of the available webservices is below.

For Imports:
  • DomainGroupBankStatementImport
  • DomainGroupCashbookImport
  • DomainSingleBankStatementImport
  • CashbookImport
  • SingleBankStatementImport
  • BankDetailsImport
For Recons:
  • DomainGroupAutoRecon
  • AutoRecon
  • CancelRecon
Other Bank Recon Processes:
  • DomainGroupCashbookTransfer
  • DomainGroupGLExport
  • GLExport
  • DomainGroupJournalRule
  • SingleJournalRule
Client Specific Processes:
  • GetDetail
  • GetExceptions
  • GetHistory
  • UpdateException
  • DeleteDetail
  • AddDetail

Any changes we make will affect the Framework 4 version only. Scheduling has been included in Bank Recon since Version 2.4.758.2344 released in January 2010. This has reduced the dependency on the existing webservices to automate imports, recons and other processes.

If you use the built in Bank Recon scheduling but still have reason to occasionally use the webservices let me know.
If you are currently on a version that does not have scheduling and use the webservices are you planning to switch over once you upgrade?

Email me or post a comment and tell me.

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