Friday 26 August 2016

Bank Recon 4.9 is available

Bank Recon 4.9.1082.3412 is available for download from the Twenty57 website. Thank you to Shivkant and Shaun for the development work.

New Bank Statements

- FlexCube
- Montran

For more information on these formats, contact the Digiata office for assistance.


Unreconcile performance improvements have been made to support unreconciling a larger number of transactions. This will be most noticeable when unreconciling a recon involving many transferred transactions from different source accounts.

The account save performance has been improved and will be more noticeable in domains with a large number of GL accounts.

Manual Recon transaction selection performance has been improved. This mainly affected IE 8 users.

GL Account usability

When an account has many linked GL accounts, asides from being difficult to locate GL accounts, the application may become slow or even exceed the limitations of the web server as specified in the web.config file (maxRequestLength).

The GL Account list includes a search box with autocomplete:

In the case that the number of GL accounts for the domain is larger than the web.config setting "bankrecon.glaccount.dropdownlimit", the Account editor will show an search control from which GL accounts may be added to the list:

The selected GL accounts may be associated with the account be unchecking the "ALL" checkbox. In this case, only the GL accounts displayed are are associated with the account.

The selected GL accounts may be disassociated with the account by checking the "ALL" checkbox. In this case, all GL accounts are associated with the account except for the selection.


  • The MT940 / MT950 parsers now compare statement numbers correctly when importing a batch of statements with alternate formats of the Statement number tag (:28C)
    • Statement number only:

    • Statement number and sequence number:

  • The IE status bar dependency has been removed. The text previously shown on the status bar is now shown as HTML.

    • This avoids having to allow javascript to update the status bar in IE (as well as display it in the first place).
    • The control totals are now available to Chrome users. (There is no status bar in Chrome)
    • This affects the Manual Recon screen, Cashbook/Bank transaction screens and Transfer Cashbook transactions screen.


  • The Manual Recon suggest undo command no longer times out

  • Export to excel bug with control characters
    • Excel files underlying structure is xml and so invalid xml characters are converted to blanks prior to creating the export

  • The Cashbook transaction allocation editor "Save & Reconcile" double-click bug has been fixed.
    • The button will no longer submit multiple requests when double-clicked (It will disable after the first click and enable after)

  • The Report viewer control Oracle parameter bug has been fixed

Structure changes

The ReconCancelBankDetailsTransaction table has been removed. This table was previously used for unreconciling a recon linking Bank transactions directly to Helper Bank transactions.

Direct Bank transaction to Helper bank transaction recons were removed in 2014.


In the immediate future, we will be looking at introducing the Helper data into the front-end. In particular, the Recon rule test functions and recon viewer will display any matched Helper data for verification purposes. The Manual recon screen will be extended to utilise the Helper data for matching in a non-obtrusive fashion.

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