Wednesday 17 October 2012

Msi changes in the latest release

In yesterday's blog post I forgot to list one of the biggest changes released in version 4.2.580.2206. Our much more streamlined, much easier to use msi! You can get this version from the Twenty57 website.

  • There is only one install option instead of three
  • Bank Recon will automatically populate the install path with the one you are using (from the registry) for an upgrade. This msi will 'remember' your path so you will need to select it once more. Thereafter it should be remembered
  • You can now specify an existing database on a clean install. Bank Recon will check if the DB exists and if yes, then update it. If not then Bank Recon will try and create it
  • Test your Database Connection before you proceed. For an upgrade we test the connection to the Database specified. For a clean install we only test that the credentials supplied can connect to the server. We don't validate the database since we don't know if it exists or must be created.
  • New Database Updater (on the off chance you need to use it). It allows you to specify the timeout (in seconds) which is very useful if you are updating a very large database. 
I hope this makes upgrades and installs much less painful going forward.

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