Monday 16 May 2011

Your Feedback is in the Roadmap

I visited a number of the clients using Bank Recon in both Johannesburg and Cape Town towards the end of April. It was great to meet everyone and I received some fantastic feedback.

Some of the common requirements are:
  • Better Performance
  • Integrated Exception Management
  • Easier to work across accounts (tagging and matching)
  • Simpler Recon Rules
  • Streamline Reporting (easier to load, fewer timeouts, easily add client logo's and colours)
Performance is being investigated and if significant architectural changes are required the Roadmap items and order could change significantly. 

Many thanks for meeting with me. If you have any other requirements that you don't see on the Roadmap or in Hothouse, please log it on Hothouse. All comments, queries and ideas are welcome.

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