Friday 20 May 2011

Default and Disable a Report Parameter in Bank Recon

To ensure that a user can only run a report for the selected Domain and Account the parameters in the RDL need to be named as follows (case is important):

To do this:

  1. Right click outside the Report on the Layout Tab to open the Parameter box
  2. Name your parameter domainid or accountid (as required for the particular report)
  3. Specify the label and Available values

This then 'matches' to the Application Report Parameter values and defaults and disables the dropdowns.

If the report is run on the Domain level with no account selected, the Domain parameter will be disabled but an account can still be chosen. Running the Report at a Domain Group level will allow the user to chose the required domain from the dropdown (dependent on the query used to return the data)

If you don't ever want the parameters to be disabled simply name them to something different or change the case.

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